As the name implies this particular library is known to be one of the most significant reference libraries.

The 1800s

Originally this library was accessed through private subscriptions. In 1813 the library was robbed which was during the American occupation. But, fortunately, two cases of the library books that had been stolen were returned.

In 1834 the Town of York received a new name which became the City of Toronto. At the same time, the York Mechanics Institute was renamed to the Toronto Mechanics Institute. The was formed in 1830 to become a reference library for scientific knowledge.

In 1882 The Free Libraries Act was passed in Ontario was passed and by 1883 Toronto and Guelph created the first free public libraries. Then in 1884 The Toronto Public Library Officially opened its doors. As time progressed new branches were opened.

The Toronto Reference Library Today

Today the Toronto Reference Library is an ultra-modern building located on Yonge St. It is a resource that is used by both students and businesses. The collection of material is diversified. For those who want to access an excellent collection of books for reading enjoyment, this library can meet their needs. For those that are doing research, they can access the research section and quickly find what they are looking for.

A Family Library

This is an excellent library that serves the entire family. Like many other libraries, it has extended its services to include a variety of programs and activities. There are children and youth programs. Also, there are book clubs and author gatherings.

Multiple Locations

Not everyone wants to go to the downtown location and they don’t have to as there are several branches throughout the GTA that are smaller versions of the main branch but just as enjoyable.

While it is convenient to access libraries online the on land libraries such as this create a completely different experience.