Most of the public libraries in Canada are well recognized for what they are. But there are many other establishments throughout the country that have their own in-house libraries that don’t fall under the public library category.

Osgood Hall

Anyone that knows anything about the legal sector of Ontario will be familiar with this outstanding building. This is where the government sector overseeing lawyers was once found. Also, it was a very prominent law school that was formed in 1889. At that time it was the only law school that existed.

Osgoode Library

One can imagine with this being a regulatory establishment as well as a law school that it justified the need for an impressive library. Which it had and still does have. But, it is also one of the most impressive looking ones that fall into the private library category. It is absolutely magnificent and impeccably well organized. It is referred to the great library. Osgoode is run by the law society and the collection of legal volumes housed here number approx.. 120,000 volumes.

With such a large number of materials, the Great Library has been divided into three sections that are divided by beautiful columns. The grand room has a huge fireplace that puts the final touch to the ambiance of this very impressive establishment. Another room that makes up part of the library is the American room. This was created to make more space for the precious books that are collected here.

Open to the Public

While the public cannot access the library for their personal use Osgoode Hall is open to the public for viewing and to appreciate the preserved architecture that the building possesses. However, picture taking will not be allowed.

While this may not fit into the category of public libraries it is one that should not be overlooked for its great value.