Reading Part of Essential Skills in Canada

Every country has to rely on the skills of their residents in order to grow their economy. There are many different types of skills but there are those that are considered to be essential skills.


Among the group of essential skills reading is one of them. Writing is another. To promote reading the government makes sure that there are a variety of resources available to do this.


Reading is a subject of importance in every segment of the educational system in Canada. Children begin to learn to read from grade one on and these skills are developed throughout the rest of the educational years.


To encourage reading in Canada many of the public libraries receive government funding on both the Federal and Provincial levels. It is the mandate of the Canadian government that there will always be easy access to reading materials. The libraries are free to use and anyone of any age is welcome to visit these establishments and enjoy this environment.


Newcomers to Canada are encouraged to learn how to read and write the English language. There are programs outside of the school system that they can access for this. These are not just restricted to newcomers either but anyone who needs to learn how to read will surely be able to find a government assisted program to help them achieve this.

The Importance of Literacy

Anyone that cannot read is well aware of the disadvantage that they are. Reading is such an important skill that it is hard for many people to phantom that there are still many people who have been born and raised in Canada who cannot read. There can be a variety of reasons for this with one of the common ones being a learning disability. Some of these individuals fell through the cracks when it came to this problem being identified.