Canada has some pretty big libraries and the Library Canada and Archives is the fourth biggest in the world, but it is not home to the biggest library. The credit for that goes to the UK which is home to the British Library also known as the National Library. It holds the title of being the biggest National Library in the World.


The library has gained recognition as being a research library and it has a huge collection of different materials such as;

  • Books in various formats and languages
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Maps
  • Patents
  • Sound and Music Recordings
  • Videos

The library also houses several historical items with some of them dating back as far as 2000BC.


The Library was not actually created until 1973 just following the British Library act of 1972. Prior to this the establishment was part of the British Museum and didn’t have its own identity. Eventually, a collection of smaller libraries holdings were amalgamated where they all became part of the collection of items that the British Library now holds.

Continued Growth

This is not a library that has become stalemated with its collection. Each year the inventory of the library grows with the addition of about three million items that creates the need for shelf space expansion.

The building can accommodate a large number of visitors at any given time, as it is said it can accommodate over 1,200 readers.

Reading Rooms

The atmosphere of the British Library is warm and inviting and is rich with much of the British history in style and ambiance. There are smaller reading rooms that accommodate guests.

Online Presence

The major online presence for the British Library is the number of images that are now present in the Online Gallery. These are collections of images copied from a variety of the different books that are housed at the library.