No one can question as to the wealth of knowledge that libraries possess. This is one of the reasons that many countries take such care to safeguard these institutions.

Hereford Cathedral’s Chained Library

England is so well known for their libraries but visitors to England are often intent on checking out the Hereford Cathedral’s Chained Library which was founded in 1611. It is one of those rare libraries that still rely on chains to ensure the books are never stolen. Many who visit this library do so just because of the intrigue of the chained books, and also because the library itself is classed as one of the oldest in the world.

Bodleian Libraries – University of Oxford

This library dates back to 1602 and is another one located in England. It is the oldest library in Europe. As old an quaint as what this library is it is functional in today’s world with its online presence as well.

Michaelangelo’s Laurentian Library

This magnificent 1571 library is located in Italy. As one can guess by the name it was created by Michelangelo. It holds an important part of history in its material with information about the Aztecs.

National Library of France

This library is another rare beauty founded in 1368 and is located in France. Its architecture is stunning. It has the task of holding 14 books and other materials. As well as 180,000 precious manuscripts and prints.

St Catherines Monastery Library

Saving the best for last the oldest library dates back to 565 and is found in Egypt. It carefully preserves earl manuscripts that are centuries old. This library has managed to survive the passing of time, but sadly the Royal Library of Alexandria and the Library of Ashurbanipal did not.

These are just a few highlights of some of the oldest libraries in the world.