Major Bank Encourages the Love of Reading

Many of the large financial institutions in Canada like the Banks do a lot to support people in general. They are not just restricting their efforts to their homeland either.

Bringing the Love of Reading to the Carribean

One of the biggest banks is being commended for their actions in the Carribean. This is going back to 2014 but is still considered recent news today because of their actions having a lasting impact. The project the Bank embarked on was the provision of thousands of books to many in the Carribean who would not otherwise have access to this type of reading material. Further to this the Bank also provided a large number of hours in manpower towards the joint cause of Hands Across the Sea.

The Partnershi

The Hands Across the Sea partnership came into place when the Scotia Bank’s Bright Future program got involved. The Bank gave a $45,000 grant to the NGO to support literacy in children. This money went towards the purchase of books that were disseminated to nine schools in the Carribean.

The Importance

For those who have easy access to books like those in Canada do it is easy to take for granted the powerful impact that books can have on people. But, for those who do not have this advantage then receiving reading material like this opens up a whole new world for those who get to access them. Each and every book is treated with great care because the value of them is soon realized.

Readers are most grateful for caring programs like the Across the Sea Program. Patrons of the Bank are also most pleased to learn that their financial institution takes on such an important responsibility.

There are many other organizations in Canada that reach out globally to support literacy.