The Canadian Electronic Library is different compared to other types of online libraries that you may be familiar with. It has different portals for groups that want to access the vast number of books and documents that are housed here.

About the Canadian Electronic Library

The site was first found in 2005,and has been growing quickly ever since. It has become an extended resource for many on land Canadian Libraries. The site has become a provider of publications that can be utilized for library licensing. The books are related to Canadian publishers.

Using the Electronic Library

Access to what the site must offer can be done through subscriptions. The subscriptions are broken down into categories such as;

  • Individuals
  • Libraries
  • Companies
  • Publishers

There is a fee for subscriptions which is based on the user category and the number of individuals within that group that will be accessing the site. The subscription is in the form of a subscription licensing.


To narrow down choices the published pieces are placed into collections.

Access of Publications

To be able to access the publications subscribers will have to rely on the Sony URMS e-Reader for those with individual subscriptions.

This electronic library is quite extensive and fulfills the needs of many different groups. Libraries can have subscriptions to it and allow their clients access. Companies may have a use for specific collections and can do the same thing. The cost is going to vary depending on the group who is subscribing and the volume of users. For an individual they may not be any charge but an exception to this would be in relation to the documents. For those individuals that want access to many published works, this online library is going to be an excellent resource. However, it will require the use of the e-reader.