How Important are Libraries to Canadian Government?

Most governments realize the importance of the preservation of literary works. For this reason, they will usually have some type of regulations and programs in place to protect them.

Genalogy and Family History

One of many things that when it comes to books that the Canadian government is keen on is the preservation of history which they have done with the library materials. They have made sure that there is a good collection of these types of books along with records such as censuses being well protected at the Library and Archives Canada. Here those that are interested can look up their ancestor’s history.

Setting Budgets for Libraries

The different levels of the Canadian government have some financial input when it comes to public libraries. One of the things that the government is discovering is that more money needs to be put into the type of library materials that are going to be able to accommodate the diversified population of Canadian and the individual provinces.

One area where more money is being invested in library materials is for indigenous languages and material pertaining to indigenous cultures.


Another expense that has had to be dealt with is the change in technology. Many people want to be able to access what a library has online. This has placed a burden on the government to fund the digitization of many of the different types of materials.

The Expansion of Library Services

Libraries have come a long way over the years. At one time they were just a place that housed books. Now they are having to provide other services. For example printing services. New initiatives are being implemented to accommodate this. For example print and pay services. Individuals can now utilize print services and pay for them with their mobile devices. Which means no assistance is needed from library staff.