Digital libraries are often referred to as electronic libraries. While Canada has some that are devoted to Canadian publishers there are also several others online that Canadians can access.

World Digital Library

This is a digital library that is not just restricted to books. One can also find films and a good selection of maps here. There is also a section for rare books as well as manuscripts. For those who are into historical reading, this is an excellent resource. Reading can be found here from around 193 countries. All one has to do is create search criteria to find what they are looking for. The search information will give a list of how many and what types of publications are available based on the search criteria.

Universal Digital Library

One will never run out of reading materials if they are depending on the Universal Digitale Library as their resource. There are over one million books to be accessed here.

Project Gutenberg

This is one of the online libraries that many are familiar with. The format is in e-books and there are about 33,000 of them with many being expired copyrights. They are easy to access and download.


For those that like a good selection of media to choose from then this is a good resource. The offerings here range from e-books to different types of software plus music and radio access.

Internet Achrive

This is considered to be the largest electronic library on the internet. It is an easy process to download e-books and there is also a good selection of audiobooks. Access to the materials found here is free.

Digital libraries are great resources for all types of individuals and groups. For kids they can be used as great research resources. For individuals that cannot access an on land library these libraries online are perfect.