Does Canada Challenge Books?

Canada is considered to be a most liberal country but is there circumstances where they challenge some of the reading material that may be available to the public?

The Handmaid’s Tale

One of the most popular television shows watched by many Canadians was developed from the book written by Margaret Atwood called The Handmaid’s Tale. This is an absolutely amazing television series as well as a riveting book. However, Canada was considering censorshipbecause of its violence and offensive language. This came as quite a surprise to many when they take into account the amount of violence that exists in many of the video games on the Canadian market that a much younger and much more vulnerable market are exposed to.

Bridge to Terabithia

Written by the well-known author Katherine Paterson is a simple but heartwarming story of two children who come together as friends and marry up their imaginations to overcome their loneliness. Canada’s reason for considering censorship was the offensive language.

The Harry Potter Series

Many are totally shocked when they discover that Canada was going to censor the Harry Potter Series. It wasn’t offensive language this time was Satanism and the aura of witchcraft.

The Holy Bible

Some may think that there has been a mistake to add this blessed book to the list of books that Canada challenged, but it is no error. Just as shocking is the reason why which is apparently offensive language.

The list could continue as this is a few of many examples of books that risked censorship in Canada. While many of the reasons for doing so was disclosed in some cases the reasons were never made clear.

Fortunately many of these books that were on the risk of censorship made it through the Canadian scrutiny and found their way to the bookshelves.