There are several online libraries that can be resourced by those who have an interest in reading or doing some research. Each of these has their own mandate. One of these online libraries is the Open Library.

The Intent of the Open Library

The owners of this site have one goal in mind and it is a big one. They are intent on making this online resource for books to be the biggest one in existence by being able to take all the published works throughout the world and make them available here. This seems like a surmountable task but it is believed with the right resources to rely on it would be achievable.

The Beginning of the Open Library

The Open Library was started with the intent of having a catalog comprised of several million books of different varieties. Then added to this would be a lost of digitized books that are no longer protected by copyright. The list would total approximately 150,000.

Asking for Help

To grow the site the Open library is asking others to participate. They can do this by editing content in the records section if necessary. Also, they can upload expired copy written books if they have a scanned copy of any.

Using the Site

The site is really easy to use for those who are looking for some good publications to enjoy. One can begin by going to the browse tab then making a choice from there what they wish to choose from. For example, in the textbooks section there are 14,162 works and out of these, there are 4,706 ebooks.

There is great value to a site such as this. There is no need for a reader as many of the books are in a book format that one can begin reading as soon as they click on it.