Can Libraries Change a Person’s Life?

Canada is such a rich country in so many ways that much of what it has to offer is taken for granted. A prime example of this is the vast number and easy access to libraries.

One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure

A common example of taking libraries for granted is clearly outlined in a news article that talked about how one library in the US was throwing away books because they didn’t have enough space for them. Fortunately, these were retrieved and used in an under privileged area where they were most welcome. A scenario like this that took place in the US could very easily be one that could happen in Canada. Simply because our easy access to books has made many of us complacent.

A Blessing in Disguise

This example of books being discarded at least had a doubly good ending to it. Not only were the books retrieved and reused but the individual who retrieved the books went on to create a nonprofit company that accesses books no longer wanted and redistributes to areas where they are needed.

Online Access

It is easy to understand how a library could run out of space when there are so many books available. But, one of the advantages that the online libraries have is they don’t have to worry about space. They just need to worry about having a good website that can accommodate a large amount of traffic that their website will generate.

A Change of Life

There is no mistaking how a library can change lives. It is clearly seen when under priviledged libraries receive new shipments of books the great joy and excitement that it brings to those who use their establishments. Books create a thirst for learning and books are one of the major resources for satisfying that thirst.