Can Books Really Help with a Gambling Addiction?

For those that suffer from a gambling addiction they have to deal with many different emotions and the addiction has a terrible impact on their life.

The Effect on Others

Most often the gambling addiction affects their family and friends were they get to the point where they don’t know how to help the gambler.

Gambling Triggers

Most often those who have a gambling addiction will go out of their way to find an on land casino to go to. Some say that online gambling has added to the problem but there is some controversy about this. Others say that with gamblers being able to access casinos online it gives them more control over their play, and they are less likely to overextend themselves. There are some excellent online resources like that offers games like roulette which may be a game that gambling addicts are not used to playing and it may change them from their gambling routine.

Gambling Books

Fortunately in Canada, there are many different resources available to help those with gambling addictions. There are gambling clinics. There is also a variety of books that can be bought that offer help and techniques with gambling obsessions. Here are a few that may be of help.

  • Gambling: Don’t Bet on It
  • A Day at a Time By Gamblers Anonymous
  • Addiction and Responsibility
  • Taking Back Your Life

Most find that they may need to rely on several different books before they get the help they need. This is because everyone’s gambling problem is unique to them. What works for one person may not work for another. Many of the books offer different approaches and techniques. There are some readers that find that if they mix some of the techniques that they get more positive results. It is worth the work to keep searching to find what works best.