Are Libraries Changing to Retain Public Interest?

With the easy access to the internet, there is no doubt this has had an impact on the traditional type of libraries. One may think that they have a limited use now but they are still of great value.

Change in Atmosphere

One of the things that are being noted is that dramatic changes are taking place in the library environment of many of the libraries that are situated in different countries.

In the Netherlands, a church that originates from the 19th century was artistically turned into an ultra-modern library.

In Northeastern China a library was remodeled to mimic a futuristic living room.

At one time libraries were depicted as being dark gloomy atmospheres where nobody dared to speak above a whisper. Today the environment of many of these establishments is large, roomy and full of light. They have become resources where people can go to enjoy their books of choice while sitting in comfort. No longer are they a place where one tiptoes in to find a book of interest then sign it out to enjoy in the comfort of their own home. Many now go to their favorite libraries where they may spend the better part of the day enjoying what it has to offer.

Added Services

Aside from accessing books individuals have a chance to utilize other important materials such as white papers, journals, and videos. All of which have extended the value of these iconic establishments.

Many of the libraries have book clubs and they have become a meeting place for book enthusiasts to come together to share opinions of their reads. Some may think that the on land libraries are in competition with the online versions but in many ways, they support and enhance each other. They both have a purpose to serve which they do very well.