When it comes to libraries in Canada there are many of them scattered throughout all of the Canadian provinces. While they are all important and serve a great purpose one of the oldest and biggest is the Library and Archives Canada. It is the home of the documentation of Canada’s heritage. It is considered to be the fourth biggest library in the world.

What Can Be Found at the Library and Archives Canada?

There is a very long list of the types of books and documents that are kept here. Some examples are;

  • Aboriginal Magazines
  • Scrapbooks
  • Maps
  • Canadian Comic Books
  • Canadian Newspapers
  • Electronic publications
  • Electronic Records

A Little History

The Dominion Archives sector of the library was established in 1872. In 1953 The National Library came into existence. Then in 2004, these two entities were joined together. The mandate for the Library and Archives Canada is to preserve the Canadian history and heritage so those in the future will always have a reference to what Canada is about and what the country stands for.

Official Opening 1967

The building which is situated in downtown Ottawa was officially opened to the public in 1967 but much of the access to parts of this entity is by appointment only.

Online Access

There are greater opportunities to access a lot of what LAC has by visiting their website. Here there is a collection of information such as images and podcasts. The physical building itself has more of a storage role whereas the website is for more access. On the website, there are all types of services to be accessed and it really is a most interesting site to visit. There are also a lot of details here for those that want to make a physical visit to the Library and Archives Canada.

Libraries such as this help to make up the history of Canada.